Star writers talk life without 18

In what appears to be rather sage observations, Chappell and Wilson discuss the Colts without Manning:

Wilson: I guess the question then becomes, if Manning doesn’t play at all this season or, say, misses half the year, can the Colts extend their string of 10-plus-win, playoff-berth seasons?

Chappell: In a word, no. In a couple of words, I doubt it. Even with Manning out of the lineup, there are a handful of eminently winnable games on the schedule — Cleveland, Kansas City, at Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Carolina, the home-and-away with Tennessee, Houston at home. What’s that, eight? Then there always are games you figure they can’t win for whatever reason, and they do. It’s just that without Manning, the margin for error is so slim. Remember when Manning threw six interceptions at San Diego in 2007 and the Colts still should have won? I can’t imagine QB Kerry Collins possessing such Houdini characteristics.