Stampede Blue: Colts pressured by other firings?

This one is a bit far-fetched for me, but David Dietz over at Stampede Blue would disagree.  He argues that the primary candidates for a Colts head coaching job are the same ones Miami and Kansas City could be eyeing:

Unless Jim Irsay is willing to cut ties with the Polians or Bill Cowher would be willing to accept a lesser stature, it comes down to Jeff Fisher. We all know Fisher respects the Colts (or at least Peyton Manning), but will he want to coach here? More importantly, will he be available?

Even were the Colts to stick with Caldwell as Bill Polian evidently wishes they will, the Colts will at least be in the market for a defensive coordinator.

One such candidate would be Kirk Ferentz, a guy who has built strong defenses at Iowa and given the Colts track record with the Hawkeyes, knows Indianapolis well.

He too though is being courted by the Chiefs, another indication that the ripple effects may already be occurring.

Todd Smith

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