Simply the best

We’re only 12 years into the 21st century but The Atlantic’s Allen Barra has seen enough: Peyton Manning is the best:

The case for Brady, then, is that he has been a better postseason passer. He has three Super Bowl rings to Manning’s one. Both men have played 19 postseason games. The Patriots’ won-lost record since Brady started is 14-5 v. 9-10 for the Colts with Manning. What’s less certain is that Brady did more to help his team in the postseason. Peyton’s completion percentage over his 19 games is 63.1 to Tom’s 62.2; their touchdowns and interceptions are close, 30-to-16 for Brady and 29-to-19 for Manning. Manning’s postseason passer rating is slight higher, 88.4 to Brady’s 85.7, but in yards per throw, he leads by a whopping 7.51 to 6.46.