Ravens D hungry

The Colts know the Ravens defense is hungry for a win in what has been a lopsided series thus far.  Without Peyton Manning, the offense must protect against one of the most aggressive blitzing defenses in the league:

In the cold, bottom-line NFL, one issue dealing with encores is all that matters for the Orlovsky-led Colts this afternoon at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium: Do it again. Only better.

“Yeah,” Orlovsky said with a slight smile, “the NFL is about ‘What have you done for me lately?’ “

And lately means today against a Ravens defense that won’t be as soft as was the Patriots’ after the Colts fell into a 31-3 third-quarter abyss. The Ravens are tough and relentless, primed to pounce on the first sign of weakness.

“That’s when the Ed Reeds show up,” wide receiver Reggie Wayne said. “That’s when the (Terrell) Suggses show up. That’s when those guys smell blood. Whenever you get them going, especially at home, it can be tough.