QB not the only problem

Jon Dove at Bleacher Report points out that drafting Andrew Luck isn’t the cure-all for this team:

Indianapolis needs to find some defenders capable of shutting down the run. The Colts are allowing 140 rushing yards per game, which ranks them 30th in the league. Ideally they will find some defensive tackles capable of holding at the point of attack.

However, these players will need to be found after the 1st round.

The struggles stopping the run could also be pinned on the play of the linebackers. Pat Angerer is having a good season, but the rest of the unit is well below average. Indianapolis needs outside linebackers who set the edge and force the back towards traffic.

Stopping the run is only part of the problem on defense. The Colts secondary is allowing over 240 passing yards per game. Indianapolis will not find success until they find a way to stop the opposing offense.