Plump: Bring back single-class hoops

The architect of the Milan Miracle has spoken!  Bobby Plump says Indiana can and should return to its roots by reinstating single-class basketball.  A senate bill would ensure that boys and girls from across the state have a chance to participate in what was undoubtedly the finest, most historic amateur basketball event in the country:

“It would take some time to bring the magic back, but it could come back,” said Bobby Plump, who made the game-winning shot to propel tiny Milan past Muncie Central in the 1954 state championship.

Plump and other proponents of the one-class “all-in” format could get their way if a bill that has been introduced to the Indiana General Assembly that would effectively end class basketball can gain traction.

Senator Jean Leising has authored Senate Bill No. 84, which would allow school corporations to “participate in an interscholastic athletics association only if the association does not conduct boys’ or girls’ interscholastic basketball games in which the teams are divided into classes.” The Indiana High School Athletic Association operates the state’s four-class basketball tournaments, in effect since the 1997-98 season.