Phil B Reports…

Phil B weighs in on Kravitz’s piece from this morning. Once I have two minutes to rub together, I’ll weigh in on that.  He also has good camp notes:

Former Colts defensive back Joseph Jefferson is a coaching intern during camp and working with the defensive backs. You may remember Jefferson, a former third-round pick, who never could stay healthy to live up to his pick. I remember running into him at a Marsh a few years back. I didn’t recognize him at first, but I recall him telling me he never could stay healthy in the NFL. It’s a frustrating reality for some players. While we complain and rip guys for not being what we think they should be, sometimes, it’s beyond their control. I’m not saying the guy had the talent to be as good as the Colts hoped, but it’s fair to say we’ll never know for reasons beyond his control. I wish him well.