Phil B: Polian unlikely to change coaches

Phil B. doesn’t think much will change in the coaching ranks this offseason:

It’s all about maintaining the status quo. Caldwell does what he’s told. He’s not going to fight the Polians on anything. And Manning can run his offense without fear of any meddling from the head coach. Presuming Manning is healthy and returns, he doesn’t want to learn a new offense or have to adjust to a new head coach, although I would hasten to add anyone the Polians hire isn’t going to rock the boat anyway.

So 1-15, 2-14 or 3-13 won’t mean Caldwell is gone. And fans have a reason to be scratching their heads, or shaking them, SMH is the acronym of choice on Twitter these days. 

Later Phil recanted although he wasn’t writing the idea off entirely:

I’ve surmised Colts vice chairman Bill Polian told SI/NBC analyst Peter King that the Polians as well as owner Jim Irsay want Caldwell back. King said this with conviction Sunday night. But that would mean Polian is speaking for Irsay, and perhaps that’s not entirely accurate. We know how Mr. Polian has been known to stretch the truth.

Fact is, we don’t know what the owner will do. As my Star colleague points out, there are still rumblings out there that Caldwell could be gone, that Irsay will want to hire a new head coach — he made the call on bringing in Tony Dungy and wanted the succession plan that gave Caldwell his career opportunity.

So just when I give you a reason to gag, saying it’s unlikely the Colts will have a new head coach (let’s call it blog remorse), I’m taking it back. Sort of.

I won’t delete the previous blog because it’s still possible Caldwell comes back.

Todd Smith

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