Phil B in a dustup with Polian

The Colts and Bill Polian particularly have a rocky relationship with the local media.  Phillip B. Wilson took one on the chin today when he pressed the Colts about Bill Polian’s comments on a national radio show regarding Peyton Manning’s recovery:

At that time, a media relations representative stepped in and basically tried to act is if I was misrepresenting the Polian access situation. I’m not. And I’m not going to back down when someone is misleading about the facts.

He shouted first from across the room. It sounds like my voice was raised in response.

The claim was that Polian had been made available to us twice, first a month ago when defensive coordinator Larry Coyer was fired, then Sunday after the Colts’ home victory over Tennessee.

True, but I wouldn’t have any reason to ask Polian a month ago about how Manning is throwing the football. Caldwell handled the Coyer firing, he took the questions, Bill and Chris Polian stood behind the coach.