PFW: Colts not the most injured team

While I admire the attempt to quantify the impact injuries have had on a team, any ranking that puts the Colts anywhere past #1 is ridiculously flawed.  Pro Football Weekly posts them at #5 behind Buffalo, Jacksonville, Carolina and San Diego.  The Colts were mathematically eliminated in week one (yes, I exaggerate) so I can’t give much credence to this methodology:

But the Colts, Steelers and Bears couldn’t hold a candle to the Bills in the category of crushing battle scars so far this season. Based on a specially devised formula that takes into account numerous factors regarding all of this season’s serious injury victims (injured starters, quantity and quality of players injured, age of injured players, etc.), as well as feedback by the PFW editorial staff, Buffalo receives top billing in PFW’s annual ranking of all the teams from those most affected by injuries to the least affected, right up through Week 14′s action.

Comparing the annually underperforming Buffalo Bills’ loss to the Colts is crazy.  The Bills were at best a contender for a wild card spot this year while the Colts had a legitimate case for another title run.