Painter time?

There are exactly four reasons to start Curtis Painter:

  1. You think Painter is better than Kerry Collins
  2. You believe Painter is the future
  3. Kerry Collins can’t go
  4. Peyton Manning is available 

As far as I know, none of those things are true.  However, Dawn Knight of the Washington Post thinks it may indeed be Painter time:

Normally, I cheer on my daughters during their youth soccer games, despite inwardly cursing whomever schedules them on football Sundays. Last Sunday, I didn’t feel like I was missing much, though. I kept track of the Colts game via cell phone. It was so bad that after the first quarter I uttered words I never thought I’d say, “Maybe we should put Painter in.”


Todd Smith

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Todd Smith is a part-time sportswriter who spends too much time arguing on Twitter. What he really loves is eating poorly and watching football. He got his first Colts t-shirt in 1984 shortly after the Mayflower trucks arrived and has never given up on his hometown team. He also still holds to the belief that Kordell Stewart stepped out of the end zone and thus cheated the Colts.