Orlovsky: win worth losing the pick

Dan Orlovsky has lived a brutal NFL career but moments like this make me love the guy:

“I think we all know the situation, but we’re all in the NFL,” Orlovsky told “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday. “… By the way we play, you can tell we don’t care about that, we just want to go out and compete and give ourselves a chance to win a game.”

Some argue the Colts imperiled their future for meaningless thrills, but that theory ignores the mind-set of NFL players, who are trained to take the season game-by-game, with every confrontation viewed as an important opportunity.

Said Orlovsky: “I can understand … everyone saying, you know, ‘Is it worth the win?,’ everything like that, but to the 53 guys in the locker room, any time we step on the field, we’re representing ourselves and our families — we’re playing for our jobs and our livelihoods — and we’re out there competing, we don’t know any other way.”