No practice for Manning

The Colts have been reluctant to tell anyone much about Peyton Manning.  We know now that he will not practice with the team but rather continue to throw in post-practice rehab sessions:

“He’s also concerned about not taking any reps away from Dan (Orlovsky) or Curtis (Painter) in terms of week’s preparation,” Caldwell said. “He’s going to focus in more of just the rehab and probably the rehab more so outside of maybe the confines of a practice session.”

Bill Polian, who earlier said on a national radio show that Manning threw with “good velocity” in Wednesday’s workout, then made an impromptu appearance today at the complex podium.

Asked how Manning threw, Polian said, “Fine. Better.”

Asked about his “good velocity” comment, Polian said, “That’s correct.”

Polian said if Manning fails his physical at season’s end, the quarterback will be able to continue his rehabilitation with the team.

“I know he wanted to get out there badly,” Polian said. “That’s his nature. I don’t blame him. That’s the way he is. That’s why he’s accomplished as much as he’s accomplished. But the medical situation is what it is.”


Todd Smith

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