Meeks redeemed?

For years Colts fans dreamed of the day when they’d blitz. Ron Meeks and Tony Dungy rarely strayed from the front-four rush on which the Tampa 2 is built.  Enter Larry Coyer whose exotic blitz packages sounded like a good idea. Coyer never blitzed a great deal and it turns out there’s a reason:  the blitz has been largely ineffective in Indy.

Indianapolis and Philadelphia are tied with the fewest defensive plays sending five or more pass rushers, with 76. But Colts opponents have fared far better against those blitzes than teams going against the Eagles. Against the Colts, quarterbacks have hit 61.8 percent of their pass attempts for seven touchdowns, no interceptions, three sacks and a 120.1 passer rating. Against the Eagles those numbers are 43.4, six, one, six and 95.6.