McNeill all smoke, no fire

Florio says the Colts have had no contact with Chargers tackle Marcus McNeill.  Apparently, the whole story that Indy was interested was generated…by Florio.  It was picked up by San Diego radio who misinterpreted what Florio wrote.  It was all a bunch of nothing. 

We’ve since learned — and confirmed — that the Colts have had zero contact with McNeill.  So with only five days and change remaining before the expiration of the deadline for signing restricted free agents to offer sheets, it’s highly unlikely that the Colts will make a move.

In the remaining period of time, they’d have to reach out to McNeill, bring him in for a visit, negotiate a contract, consider whether to include a poison pill aimed at keeping the Chargers from matching the offer, and then work the thing out.  Meanwhile, the Colts are otherwise getting ready for the draft.