Mathis owns Solder

Robert Mathis is making his case for a new contract.  On Sunday he whipped Nate Solder, a guy some in the fan community was hoping to see in horseshoes:

When offensive tackle Nate Solder (-2.9) was drafted, I immediately thought about his future matchups with guys like Dwight Freeneyand James Harrison while trying to protect Tom Brady’s blindside. In this game, Solder played right tackle in place of injuredSebastian Vollmer and he matched up with undersized defensive end Robert Mathis. At 6’9” tall, it’s always been a concern to see how Solder would fare against the small, quick pass rushers, and things did not go well on Sunday as he gave up six Pressures and a QB Hit. It started early as Mathis used his speed to get around the edge which eventually set up his beating Solder with spin moves at the 12:55 mark in the second quarter and again at the 9:44 mark in the fourth quarter. Backup LE Jamaal Anderson even got in on the action with a pressure, and perhaps most alarming, Solder looked lost on a stunt that lead to the day’s only hit on Brady at the 6:39 mark in the fourth quarter. Lucky for Solder, he was the only offensive lineman to allow any pressures, so every time Brady stepped up in the pocket, he was in the clear. After a promising start to the season, Solder has now given up nearly half of his season’s pressures in the last two games.

Todd Smith

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