Luck and Manning planning?

The stars are aligning for Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning to be able to dictate terms to the Colts to ensure their individual and mutual interests are addressed due to the likelihood that they’ll be represented by the same agency:

The plan between Peyton and Andrew, if there is one, remains unknown.  Peyton could try to force his way out of Indianapolis, for example by refusing to delay the due date on the $28 million balloon payment from a contract negotiated in August.  Or Luck could inform the Colts that he doesn’t want to tread on Peyton’s turf.  Or perhaps they’re both fine with the concept of Andrew carrying a clipboard while Peyton finishes his career.

Whatever the plan, joint representation means that it will be more likely that the plan will come to fruition, because the guys at CAA will be implementing it.

Of course, Luck’s team denies any contact with CAA.