Kuharsky takes Caldwell to task

Paul Kuharsky attempted to cut through the coach speak Jim Caldwell offered today on Peyton Manning:

Jim Caldwell on Peyton Manning’s recent rehab session throwing in pads: “It’s tough to give, from my vantage point at least, a detailed sort of description of a rehab session, and that’s basically what it is. He’s got a little ways to go yet, he’s still working towards it and I think he’s making progress.” 

Kuharsky’s take: Why is it tough? Elsewhere Caldwell said he wasn’t going to comment, and that’s obviously his prerogative. But let’s not pretend it’s difficult for a veteran football coach to describe the simple throwing his quarterback did. Caldwell’s boss, Bill Polian, didn’t struggle on SiriusXM NFL Radio earlier in the day to say Manning threw 30-35 passes with “good velocity” in a 25-30 yard space. 

He’s right–it’s been pretty obvious since summer that Manning could not and would not play this year.

Todd Smith

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