Kuharsky: pick Luck or Manning

Paul Kuharsky has studied the situation and considered the paths available to the Colts as they deal with the coming draft, Manning’s future and the possibility of rebuilding.  He’s come to offer a more rational and better-formed opinion of what they should do:

My feeling right now — and I reserve the right to change it over the next three or four months — aligns with that of Kravitz. He thinks the Colts have to look to the future and wonders why Manning would even want to come back, given the circumstances. 

While the two quarterbacks could coexist for a season, even as Archie Manning says Luck is too good to sit, the financial implications of trading or cutting Manning in 2013 would be drastic and handcuff the team in a way it can’t willingly agree to. 

The Colts have to decide whether they want to reload and try to win with Manning now, or start a rebuild that would surround Luck with lasting talent. They can’t go forward with both strategies without compromising one or the other.