Kravitz: why should Manning stay?

Kravitz isn’t going to win many fans with this one:

Seriously, if you’re Manning and you have just a few years left to make another Super Bowl run, do you want any part of an organization that might go 0-16 this year? Do you want any part of a team whose owner (Jim Irsay) who has become a reckless Tweeter, whose front office (the Polians) continues to share information you don’t want divulged and a coach (Jim Caldwell) who has no power or independence?

At the age of 35 (36 in March), do you really believe this team is within a year or two of being a Super Bowl contender? With that defense? With these special teams? With this coaching staff?

Manning embraces history, and I’m sure he wants to be like Dan Marino and John Elway and finish his career where he started. He doesn’t want it to finish the way it ended for Brett Favre, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, all wearing somebody else’s uniforms in their final years.

But he wants to win.

Todd Smith

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