Kravitz tells Pack not to follow the Colts

The arguments have begun for the Packers to either attempt the perfect season or to rest their starters.  Bob Kravitz and I agree entirely on this: the Pack should keep their foot on the accelerator.

The debate already is raging in Wisconsin. The Packers have won 12 games with four to go. Their closest competitor, the San Francisco 49ers, have won 10 with four to go. A Packers victory and 49ers loss, and the last three games could be meaningless in terms of playoff positioning.

This city still has not forgiven Colts management for pulling the plug, and never will. That’s part of the reason for the over-the-top level of anger that has attended this year’s collapse. No question, if they’d won that year’s Super Bowl against the New Orleans Saints, the anger would have been largely muted, but there still would have remained the question of what-might-have-been, especially for the players.

“We wanted to keep winning; that’s just the way athletes are wired,” injured middle linebacker Gary Brackett said. “Guys were angry about it. I’d say almost a hundred percent of them were. But that’s the decision they made.”