Kravitz: Colts count on Manning

Bob has made his assault on the Colts and Manning pretty strongly over the last two weeks.  Over at CNN he acknowledges though just how much this team needs Manning.  He stops short of saying the Colts should keep him and instead resorts to the usual, “Manning’s done” argument:

The bottom line is this: The Colts were built around Manning. For more than a decade, that was an understandable approach. The Colts were beacons of enduring excellence, one of the best franchises in the NFL and all of sports.

But when the foundation is removed, the entire structure crumbles. All the Colts’ best players are reliant on Manning. The receivers, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie and Wayne. The tight end, Clark. The two pass rushers, Freeney and Mathis, do their best work when their team has a lead, and the Colts aren’t doing that.