Irsay has his priorities

He’s been called the “Pied Piper of Twitter” and is generally considered one of the looniest, albeit dedicated owners in football.  His father was considered a drunk, hardly dedicated to anything outside of his own interests.  Yet in a very human and humble manner Jim Irsay has decidedly walked a path all his own among his fans.

This week, amidst his worse season as an owner, Irsay put a little perspective to the situation by reaching out to a fan’s family in a time of need:

Upon arriving at the funeral of Shirley Ann Kirkman, 80, last week at Crown Hill Gothic Chapel, the family was surprised to find a vase of lillies with a card attached that read, “With deepest sympathy, Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts.”

The obituary published Nov. 29 in The Indianapolis Star noted Kirkman was a Colts fan who loved to watch the games on TV while listening to the radio broadcast.

In an email, her son-in-law, Tim Colonnese, said the family found it “amazing that an NFL team owner would take the time and expense to send flowers to a funeral for a common fan. Albeit for a brief moment, our faith in humanity has been restored.”