Houston not robbed

All morning I listened to talk radio callers claiming Houston was robbed by officiating.  Chris Baldwin of CultureMap Houston claims the Texans were victims and jokingly suggests it’s karma for hitting the Manning lottery in 1998:

After all, it’d be easy to see the powers that be deciding that adding Luck to follow Peyton Manning is just too much good fortune for any one franchise. Especially one in the middle of the Midwest. Not to mention how awkward it might all turn out to be for Manning, the league’s pitchman golden child.

So why not just throw a little . . .

Baldwin clearly points out that the officiating was bad for both teams but it prompts me to point out one very important fact.  The Texans didn’t lose because of bad officiating.  They lost because of ineptness.  Arian Foster had 170+ yards.  Yates only had 3 incompletions and no interceptions.  Heck, Adam Vinatieri missed a relatively easy FG and Orlovsky’s fumble in the first minute spotted Houston 7 points.

The Texans lost because they couldn’t gut out a win.