Garçon’s gains not against the prevent

Pierre Garçon has matured this year in what is undeniably a tough environment.  The common story about his big day Sunday is that his numbers all game against a weak prevent defense.  It was a porous defense, but it wasn’t the prevent as explained by Pro Football Focus:

Again, I’d like to emphasize, while everyone around the country has put a catchy name to describe the Colts “quest” toward the No. 1 pick in April, the players have continued to play the game hard. Perhaps the best example from Sunday was wide receiver Pierre Garcon (+4.1), the key man in the Colts’ 21-point burst. Contrary to what most will think, his big plays did not come against the Patriots’ prevent defense. They continued to play regular coverages, perhaps playing even more aggressive, and Garcon made them pay. At the 2:18 mark, he spun cornerback Sterling Moore around with a double move for a touchdown. On the final drive, Garcon made an outstanding catch by the sideline for 40 yards with 0:47 to go, and then followed it up on the next play with a similar catch in the end zone for another touchdown. Garcon’s unbelievable quarter struck some fear in Patriots fans, but the 31-3 deficit was too much to overcome.

Todd Smith

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