Former Colts jerseys

One of my favorite things to do in any NFL stadium is watch for outdated jerseys.  I’m not talking about the guys in Detroit wearing classic Sanders jerseys or the folks sporting throwback jerseys.  I’m talking about that guy in Jacksonville still rocking the Steve Beuerlein or Byron Leftwich jersey, the guy in Indy with the ratty Marshall Faulk jersey he won’t quit wearing or your buddy in Cincy who refuses to give up his classic Chad “Johnson” gear.  

Some guys at the Luke have a way to solve this problem:

Such game-day attire, however, would cost him if he tailgated with Kenny Bogle, 30, Danville. Bogle’s group of eight regulars regards wearing the jersey of a player who has joined another team as taboo, a fan law violation with a penalty.

“Two-beer fine,” Bogle said, “to be paid to everyone in the group.”

Personally I think if a player earns a trip to the Ring of Honor or has been named to the 18to88 Classic Colt list they deserve an exemption. Me? I’ve got my eye on a classic Harbaugh jersey or maybe a Dilger.