FO: Orlovsky #4

Football Outsiders ranked Orlovsky’s performance against New England at #4 this week in terms of DYAR:

Best known for running out the back of the end zone for one of the funniest safeties ever while playing for the 0-16 2008 Detroit Lions, Orlovsky spent the past two seasons on the bench of the Houston Texans. The team that is currently starting T.J. Yates at quarterback decided Orlovsky was not worth keeping around, and he made his way to Indianapolis. The Colts preferred Kerry Collins (who played like he was still retired) and Curtis Painter (who played like he’ll soon be retired) before finally giving Orlovsky a chance against the team that could wind up as the AFC’s top seed. Orlovsky responded with the game of his life. Down 28 points after three quarters, Orlovsky led the Colts to three fourth-quarter touchdowns before running out of time. (Fourth-quarter DYAR: 136.) It helped that he was playing against the Patriots’ wretched secondary, but Orlovsky still played far better than could have been expected.
Todd Smith

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