FO Audibles week 15

The guys don’t give the Colts that much credit:

I expected the Titans to win, but gave the Colts a chance if the Titans had trouble moving the ball offensively. It was apparent in the first quarter that Johnson would not have a good game and that the Titans’ wideouts would struggle immensely to win in coverage. The Titans gave them good field position with a mediocre punt and a penalty, and Dan Orlovsky hit Reggie Wayne in what I think was the Cover-2 deep outside void for the touchdown and a 10-6 lead. Matt Hasselbeck followed with the “I don’t think CJ tried” pick-6, and that was pretty much that. The Titans went to Jake Lockerdown 20-6 in the fourth, a series after I thought they should have if they wanted to win, and he had some success against a soft defense. Donald Brown, who I thought was clearly the best running back on the field, answered Locker’s touchdown with an 80-yard score, though, and it was really over. Credit to the Colts, who for the most part have looked only like a team that’s badly outclassed and have kept trying despite the lost season, and brickbats to the Titans not named Rob Bironas.