ESPN: Colts embarrasing

Howard Bryant of ESPN rips both Jim Irsay and Bill Polian for their decision to start the season with little planning for a season without Peyton Manning:

The worst offenders in the Colts’ long list of suspects are owner Jim Irsay and general manager Bill Polian. Manning has undergone three neck procedures in the past 15 months, and his prognosis for the 2011 season was bleak as far back as May. In a death sport like football, neck injuries, after all, are not just season-threatening but potentially career-ending. The lockout came and went, and the Colts still did not seem to have a plan to replace him. Vince Young was available; the Colts didn’t move. Finally, in desperation, as though hearing about Manning’s injury for the first time, management signed Kerry Collins in late August, two weeks before the season began. Some of the team’s own veterans, starting with Wayne, scoffed.

Todd Smith

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