Day Two links

Instead of doing 10 different links pages, I’ll put all the day two stuff together.  There are links, plus the best quote from each.

Phil B has his notes-

O-LINE UPDATE — When using a preface for a statement, I realize it tends to bog down the point, but it’s worth reminding that we’re just two days into camp, so nothing is set. But today’s offensive line had Ryan Lilja at left guard and Mike Pollak at right guard. I bring it up because I won’t be surprised, if both guards can stay healthy, if that’s the group the Colts go with to start the season.

Johnny O has great quotes about The J’Addai Master and his new pupil.

“When I first got here, I talked to Edge a lot. I talked to Edge, and I was behind Dom. You have a teacher who teaches you and as you get older, you can not be a different way, no matter what’s going on and no matter how people might put the situation. He comes to me, asks me a question, I’m going to give him answers. It’s a team thing, regardless of whats going on, it’s the best thing for the team to try to win a game.”

Johnny O chimes on today’s practice

RB Mike Hart, who missed much of last season with a torn ACL, looked good running inside and off the tackles. is live tweeting from the practices

Moala is also practicing. He is tall and has actually looked a little slow off the ball. Brock just knocked Sorgi on his ass accidentally.

Here’s a link to Phil B’s video update