Could Luck pull an Eli?

Brian Billick looks at the Luck situation and asks the question:  could Andrew Luck demand a trade to avoid a showdown with Peyton Manning?

One final note: Luck could decide he doesn’t want to be put in that position and determine he wants to go to some other team. The last time this league dealt with that scenario, it was in 2004 when Eli Manning determined San Diego was not the place for him. With the counseling of his father Archie, Eli created the environment for the Giants to acquire his services. Come to think of it, before that, the last time that happened was when John Elway pulled the same thing, refusing to go to the Colts (then in Baltimore). Talk about six degrees of separation. If you tried to write this into a screen play and present it to Hollywood, they would throw you out of the office and say, “Science fiction is one thing, but this just couldn’t happen.”