Coltzilla’s week 1 stats

Week one was ugly.  We all felt it.  The stats however help us sort out the truth about the problems.  We know that that Collins has to get rid of the ball faster and do a better job with the center exchange.  We also know that the offensive line has problems.  Thanks to Nate’s breakdown of the big negative plays and Coltzilla’s statistical analysis we have a better picture of the problems:

The final two offensive linemen worry me. Perennial stalwart Jeff Saturday has continued his less than stellar performance from the preseason indicating that the rust may be a little bit more stuck on than had been previously thought. While his blocking percentage was not horrible (73.1% good and 11.5% bad) he did allow 4 pressures, which combined with Diem’s results made the middle a very dangerous place in Kerry Collin’s protection. Diem is an improvement over the continually demoted Mike Pollak, but Diem still found a way to have over 20% negative blocks. He will have to improve as well or the Colts will be looking at having only a mild improvement over Pollak, who was a major liability.