Colts players don’t want the first pick

Given the choice the Colts players would rather win a few than to have the first overall pick:

However, couple a victory over the Texans with another in the regular-season finale at Jacksonville on Jan. 1, and the Colts could find themselves sitting at No. 3 in the draft’s pecking order.

“Oh, man, I’m not worrying about that,” running back Joseph Addai said after the Colts ended their 13-game slide Sunday with a 27-13 win over the Tennessee Titans. “That’s for the (front office).”

Defensive end Robert Mathis was as direct as one of his hits on an opposing quarterback when he used his Twitter account to address the Colts and the possibility of losing control of the draft.

“We’d MUCH rather have the 32nd pick but due2our current situation, the 3rd or 4th pick will due but damn the1st overall pick,” he wrote.