Colts message confusing

I’m a bit confused by all of the recent talk from the Colts front office.  Polian claims Caldwell must win at least one game to keep his job–that’s nonsense.  Irsay has been all over the map with his tweets but seems to have his eyes wide open at this point.  They both clearly want consistent winning although neither has tipped their hand about how they play to do it.  Throughout it all I wonder how much of this is a power-play for draft day consideration:

There is no doubt Manning, who turns 36 in March, and the team he helped transform into a perennial contender are reaching a crossroads, each peering into an uncertain future and facing critical decisions.

“The goal is to get to greatness again,” said owner Jim Irsay. “Consistent greatness.”

Said vice chairman Bill Polian, “It’s time to re-tool, to take a look at everything we do, systems and players.”

He said of Manning’s situation, “Even absent the injury, it is time because of his chronological age and his football age to begin looking for his successor. And if the right person were there, we wouldn’t hesitate.”

Todd Smith

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