Colts full on fullbacks

The Colts have employed a variety of formations throughout the Manning era but few have included a fullback.  That’s certainly not true of the Collins/Painter/Orlovsky reign:

“I was definitely surprised when my agent called and told me the Colts wanted me,” said Felton, a four-year NFL fullback who was released by Carolina two weeks before the Colts called. “They said they had a role to fill and they wanted me to come here and fill it.”

They weren’t lying.

Felton signed Nov. 28. Six days later, he played 21 of the first 35 offensive snaps at New England.

The telltale number was 31. That’s how many times the Colts ran despite trailing most of that 31-24 loss. They have exceeded that number only three times over the past three years. In the absence of Manning, who is not expected to play this season while recovering from neck surgery, the Colts have committed to the run. They have committed to having a fullback, or two.

Todd Smith

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