Chappell: Colts won’t quit

Mike Chappell says in his mailbag the Colts simply won’t quit:

ANSWER: The only thing for the Colts to do is head to Jacksonville and try to finish the season with a three-game winning streak. Players who are healthy will play. Players who are dealing with injuries – Dallas Clark, Philip Wheeler, maybe Joe Retiz and A.J. Edds – sit. Winning will not be the best outcome for the long term. In all likelihood, the Colts would drop to the second or third slot in the draft. Having the No. 1 overall pick is immeasurably better. The Colts would control every round of the draft, and could start the entire process by selecting Peyton Manning’s eventual successor. But trust me, the players don’t care about that . . . Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis, Jeff Saturday and so many others. Some of those players probably won’t even be with the Colts in 2012. They’ll go to Jacksonville and try to win. That’s how they’re wired.