Brady vs. Manning: the sequel

Had I not read a bevy of stories like this one I wouldn’t bother linking it.  That said, there’s a prevailing idea that in some way Philip Rivers vs. Tom Brady is the next big rivalry.  That assumes Manning is done.  And even more dubious, it assumes that Rivers deserves mention in the same breath as Manning or Brady:

While there haven’t been nearly as many showdowns as Brady-Manning, there still have been some epic battles already registered in the Brady-Rivers rivalry. So while the Manning duel will most certainly will be missed when the Colts visit Foxboro in December (and perhaps beyond), this one will do just fine as it pits the quarterbacks from the two best teams in the AFC East and West.

Of course, the Patriots spanked Rivers and the Chargers today 35-21 and it wasn’t really that close.  Rivers had two TDs and two picks.

Keep wishing Patriots fans.  You know you miss Peyton.