Ben Utecht fights concussions

Former Colt TE and current hotshot singer Ben Utecht retired from football in 2009 after a string of concussions risked his post-career well-being.  He talks about the effects of those injuries as well as the joy he’s found from his new career:

Injuries kept Utecht out of two of his six NFL seasons, and he thinks he might well have retired sooner if he knew then what the world knows now.

“It’s easy to say that,” he says. “Would I have said that if I was still playing? I can’t tell you that. But from my shoes now, if someone had told me, ‘Hey, once you’ve had three, your chances of more (concussions) go up exponentially,’ you’ve got to believe I would have had a serious conversation.

“A concussion is not like a shoulder injury or a knee injury. Those are things that heal. This is your personality. It’s your character. It’s your soul.”