A little culture from Kuharsky

ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky is a well-rounded guy.  I’ve seen some music memorabilia in his videos and now he offers a little heady reading from Susan Orlean whose story about a 10 year-old was an awkward reminder of my own childhood:

Danny’s Pizzeria is a dark little shop next door to the Montclair Cooperative School. It is not much to look at. Outside, the brick facing is painted muddy brown. Inside, there are some saggy counters, a splintered bench, and enough room for either six teenagers or about a dozen ten-year-olds who happen to be getting along well. The light is low. The air is oily. At Danny’s, you will find pizza, candy, Nintendo, and very few girls. To a ten-year-old boy, it is the most beautiful place in the world.