Who to Root for: Week 8

It’s back, but not how we’d like.

Who To Root For has been a reader favorite for a couple of years now, and for the rest of the season, we’ll be going through the NFL schedule pointing out who Colts fans need to root for in order for Indy to get the #1 overall pick.

Notes: 1. We always root for the Colts. Draft picks be damned. Wins are precious and you never spit on one.

2. Ties in the draft order are decided by a strength of schedule tiebreak. The worst schedule is granted the higher pick.

3. I consider the primary challengers in order to be: Miami, Saint Louis, Denver, Seattle, Arizona, Jacksonville.


Dolphins over GIANTS

Jaguars over TEXANS

RAMS over Saints

Cardinals over RAVENS

BRONCOS over Lions

SEAHAWKS over Bengals

Several of these games help the Colts by not only giving wins to bad teams, but they would also help to weaken the Indy strength of schedule.


BILLS over the Redskins

Patriots over the STEELERS

49ERS over Browns

EAGLES over Cowboys

Chargers over CHIEFS

The Bills and Pats are both in the AFC East, which means Miami plays them twice. Wins for those teams makes the Miami SOS go up. Because I believe at this moment Miami is more likely to be a player for the #1 pick than St. Louis, Colts fans should root FOR the AFC East. Indy played the Browns, so we need them to lose. Same with the Chiefs. The Eagles are only at 2 wins, so lets root for them to get to 3 or 4, because I consider 4 wins the absolute ceiling for the Colts this year.

Who to Root For: Week 8

The Colts don’t play until tomorrow, so for now we’ll have to hang out and watch everyone else play.  Remember, you can follow our musings on twitter @18to88, @lukedunlevy, and @shake1n1bake.

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Here’s Who to Root For as you are watching games today:


We start with interconference matchups.  There are a lot of them, so it makes this an easy week.  Always root for the NFC is a good rule of thumb.

Packers @ Jets

Vikings @ Patriots

Steelers @ Saints

These are the three big ones.  It would be wonderful for the Colts if two of the three lost.

Jaguars @ Cowboys

Not as big, but it is an easy call.

Seahawks @ Raiders

Easy call, but it breaks the rule. The Pats get the Raiders first pick, so the more wins the Raiders get, the worse that pick is.

Titans @ Chargers

Yeah, I know, we have to root for the Chargers in consecutive weeks.  It makes me feel dirty.  However, the Titans lead the AFC South. If they lose, the Colts and Texans play for first place tomorrow.  Do the right thing and pull for Norv.  Then take a shower and read a novel to halt the erosion of your IQ.


Bills @ Chiefs

If you want the Chiefs to win the West (and I do), you can be tempted to pull for them in this game.  However, they have the same record as Indy, and I feel better pulling for teams at least a win or two behind the Colts.  For now, let’s root for losses.


Who to Root for: Week 8

The Colts begin a three-game homestand this week against San Francisco.  If Indy can sweep the homestand they will take the AFC by the throat.  Let’s look at some of the other key games of week eight.

Easy calls

Houston at Buffalo:  The Texans should win this game easily — which means they are going to lose.  After Sunday, two of Houston’s next three are against the Colts.  Time to start taking them seriously. 

Denver at Baltimore:  The most important non-Colts game of the week, and probably the month.  Denver needs to pick up a loss.  I think it happens here against the desperate Ravens. 

Tough calls

Miami at New York (A):  It is a bit of a stretch to call this an important game to the Colts.  It isn’t.  Neither of these teams are going to win the AFC East.  Neither is going to win a wild card spot.  But I’ll be rooting for the Jets to keep some pressure on the Patriots. 

Jacksonville at Tennessee:  As much as I am enjoying the Titans’ implosion… it is time for them to do something useful.  If the Jags lose to Vince Young and the winless Titans it would end their season and any shred of self-respect. 

AFC Playoff Standings

1.  Indianapolis (6-0)

2.  Denver (6-0)

3.  New England (5-2)

4.  Cincinnati (5-2)

5.  Pittsburgh (5-2)

6.  New York (4-3)

7.  Houston (4-3)

8.  Baltimore (3-3)

9.  San Diego (3-3)