Who to Root For: Super Bowl Edition

On one hand this is simple.  Most Colts fans (myself included) are rooting for the Packers.

The idea of enduring the endless slobbering over Roethlisberger (just months after his involvement in a rape allegation) is more than I can take. 

He is already a great, Hall of Fame quarterback, and the Super Bowls have precious little to do with it.

I’m not looking forward to a coronation of Aaron Rodger either.  Honestly, I’m rooting for two or three interceptions from both quarterbacks. 

I don’t have a fundamental dislike for the Steelers. I respect the way they practice team building. A win for the Steelers validates a ‘build through the draft’ mentality and would mark the second time in three years that a team won the Super Bowl with a truly dreadful offensive line.  As much as Colts fans want to whine about Indy’s line, the Steelers is worse at every possible measure.  Offensive line play is vastly overrated in the NFL.  What the Steelers DO have that Indy doesn’t is an amazing defense.  The Colts must rebuild that side of the ball starting with the tackle and safety positions.  I also love seeing Dungy disciples do well, and I’m a major Tomlin fan.

On the other hand, I don’t much care for Mike McCarthy as a coach. I don’t think he’s very good. His game management skills are awful (see the FG late in the NE game as exhibit A).  I think the Packers are much better team than the Steelers, and I could see them blowing Pittsburgh out.  The problem they haven’t acted like they know what they are doing for the last couple of weeks. I expect a lot of stupid plays and bad decisions to keep the game close.

In the end look for McCarthy to make the big mistake that will cost his team the game. 

Steelers 21 Packers 20

Program note:  thanks to the new commenting system, I’ll have open threads here during the game tomorrow.  I’ll also be on Twitter.