Who to Root For: Championship Sunday

Who to Root For is making one final appearance this season. It’s brought to you by Blue Blood.  For those who haven’t read it yet, pick up your copy today!

There’s no way to firmly decide between all the playoff teams left, so let’s look at the pros and cons of each team. 

Chicago Bears:

Pros:  Many of us grew up rooting for the Bears.  Jay Cutler is from Indiana.  Lovie Smith is a great guy.  It’s nice to see the Tampa 2 played correctly.

Cons:  Lots of Bears fans are also annoying Cubs fans.  Jay Cutler basically IS Jeff George.  We don’t want the Bears to retake ground in Northern Indiana.

Green Bay Packers:

Pros:  They may be the best team in football.  Aaron Rodgers is playing great football.  They are a classic team.  My grandmother lives there, and I spent every fridgid Thanksgiving there (not that you care, but this is my list).

Cons:  Do we really want to have to crown a new ‘best QB in football’?  Didn’t we just go through this with Brees?  Rodgers doesn’t seem like a great guy, and he annoys me for some reason.


I’m actually going for the Bears here, mostly because of Lovie Smith.  A Bears or Steelers Super Bowl would mean that a disciple of Tony Dungy’s would have been to the Super Bowl for three straight years and four years out of five.  That’s amazing. Say what you will about Tony, sounds like a guy who has some business writing a book on mentoring.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Pros:  I’ve been on their bandwagon as the best team in the AFC for most of the year.  They could tie the Pats with 3 titles in the decade (because yes, 2010 was part of the last decade).  I love Tomlin and HATE Rex Ryan.

Cons:  While much less annoying than Pats fans, Steelers fans are annoying. Do we really need Roethlisberger to ascend to the level of the greatest QBs ever?  He’s not a ‘nice man’.

New York Jets:

Pros: They aren’t the Steelers.  Makes Indy’s loss to them not look so bad.  It would annoy Pats’ fans to no end.

Cons: Makes Indy’s loss to them hurt more.  Rex Ryan’s big yap would flap for two more weeks.  Mark Sanchez doesn’t deserve a Super Bowl ring just for being lucky enough to play with that defense.

Verdict:  The Steelers are the better team.  They are playing at home.  At some point, I like to see the better team win.  I’ve grown to dislike Sanchez and Ryan.  Basically, I’m rooting for lots of interceptions and for both QBs to have horrible games, but with a gun to my head, I dislike the Steelers far less than the Jets.

So I’m pulling for Bears/Steelers.  It’s all a toss up though. You can argue Jets/Packers, and I won’t fight you on it.