What We Know and What We Don’t

Bob Kravitz’s piece this morning was brave.

He said three of the hardest, but most important words in life: I don’t know.

In the meantime, let the guessing commence.

Peyton will be ready. Peyton will miss the first month of the season. Peyton will retire tomorrow and announce he’s opening a chain of soul-food restaurants.

It’s killing me to write it, but here it is:

I. Don’t. Know.

It’s a great piece, but I do find fault with one section:

Usually, when fans and media are on the warpath over some issue — like the backup quarterback situation — the Colts dig in their heels and refuse to budge. We’ll do it our way, and you’ll like it!!

Not this time. The Colts saw what we all saw. They didn’t bend to the public will. They exercised common sense.

It boggles my mind that people are now asking, “Why did they wait so long to bring in a veteran?” C’mon, humans. How were they supposed to know where Manning’s rehab would be at this point? How could they know, without an offseason, that Curtis Painter wouldn’t develop?

They brought in a veteran. Quit griping.

He asks two questions that I think have very simple answers. First, “How were they supposed to know where Manning’s rehab would be at this point?”

The answer to that question is irrelevant. They didn’t have to know exactly. They only needed to know if there was any reasonable chance he wouldn’t be ready. If there was ANY chance Manning wasn’t going to be ready, they had to open camp with a veteran backup. Is the rehab going slower than expected? Maybe. That’s irrelevant. The only thing that matters is if the rehab is going insanely off-the-charts slower than anyone could possibly have guessed.

If Manning’s recovery time is anywhere within normal expected limits, even if it’s on the extreme slow end, then the Colts blew it by not bringing in Collins a month ago.


Second, “How could they know without an offseason that Curtis Painter wouldn’t develop?”

Seriously? Had they not watched him for the last two years? How is it possible to believe that (without an offseason) he WOULD develop?  There was no rational reason to expect Painter would have gotten any better over last year. He’s not a good player. Everyone knows it. To enter a season with a possibility of not having Manning while relying on Painter is simply not acceptable. They certainly didn’t need two weeks of camp and two preseason games to see that Painter was an unacceptable option. I defy anyone to tell me differently. Everyone in the state knew what Painter was. How is it possible the Colts didn’t? The fact that there was no offseason workouts STRENGTHENS the case against Indy, not weakens it.

I’m glad they brought in Collins, as is everyone not named Reggie Wayne. 

That doesn’t mean Indy wasn’t wrong not to do it earlier.