What is Irsay Talking About? UPDATE

Maybe I’m just skittish, but suddenly, reading Jim Irsay’s tweets, I’m seriously freaked out.

Starting with this tweet on Friday, he’s missives give an ominous tone:

1. Weather forecast ever changing…ominous storm clouds gathering…it never rains under my umbrella….

2. There was the Rams-K Warner Sup year./ There was Patriot 2001-Brady Sup.year.— Every year. is interesting n unpredictable in NFL!!!!

3. This ain’t a dream no more…it’s the real thing..give me a second,let me get it 2gether, just got 2 pick myself up off the floor

4. Got 2 code the darkness…prepare u 4 an alternative journey

5. No quarter?NONE ASKED!We made a promise,we swore we’d always remember,no retreat,no surrender;like soldiers in a winter’s nite,a vow 2defend

6. Stampedblue and Jon Bauges/random or silly tweets,they r not..ur not hearing what I’m saying..riddle n codes r done4a reason,but it’s there

7. It’s BETWEEN the lines,you will find…what you can only find here

Maybe this is nothing. Maybe I’m crazy, but the Rams and Pats Super Bowl runs began with quarterbacks going down.

Frankly, I’m disturbed.

Very disturbed.

UPDATE: Adam Schefter has reported Peyton is being reevaluated by doctors. Well frick.