Wednesday Open Thread

Open Thread today. Topics of note:

-Went to the tasting yesterday at the Indianapolis Colts Grille. Very nice place. It’s not really a sports bar. It’s got much more of an upscale feel to it. The food was good, beyond your normal deep fried bar offerings. Nice place. Check it out.

I’m getting a little testy with the “Fire Polian” wackos. Here’s an idea: if the argument you are using for attacking Polian would be considered stupid for attacking Manning (the Colts lost a playoff game!), maybe you should put more thought into your position. I’m starting to feel like a lot of this is being driven by a few people who think they have something to gain from the Colts replacing the GM. In sports, you typically don’t dump the GM who took you to the playoffs 11 times in 14 years. The position is so ludicrous, I have a hard time taking seriously anyone who suggests it.

-I’m still confused what people thought they were getting out of this season. If Indy was 2-5, they’d still be missing the playoffs, but would people be so upset? I can’t understand why 0-7 is any worse. Is it gambling? Is that it? I don’t get it.

People who think the Colts need a complete overhaul (like one article I read yesterday), don’t understand that defense is HIGHLY variable in the NFL. Defenses can be fixed quickly. Again, this isn’t the NBA or MLB. You don’t ‘build’ for years in the NFL. The Colts need a couple of players and some new defensive coaching, and the defense will radically turn around. That’s what happens every year in the NFL. The Jags were 32nd in DVOA in defense last year. They are 6th this year. Houston went from 31st to 11th. Denver 30th to 17th. Seattle 29th to 12th. Buffalo 28th to 20th. Every one of the bottom five defenses in 2010 jumped at least 8 spots this year.

I know it’s counter-intuitive, but the Colts defense will be much, much better next year if they dump Coyer. It’s just what happens. Offense is hard to build. It’s also very solid in Indy if Manning is back. The defense is bad, yes, but it’s not hard to fix. Remember: defense is variable. Offense is stable.

-So Collins is on IR. Guess that went as badly as possible. It was obviously a massive mistake from the start. I didn’t think so, and neither did anyone else I remember at the time not named Reggie Wayne or Curtis Painter’s Mom.

Have at it.