Wednesday Open Thread-Six Seasons and a Movie!

This is the Wednesday Open thread.

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  • We’ve developed a reliable rotation of TV shows this season. There’s a lot of ok, but replaceable TV on right now, as I’m mostly just running out the clock on old favorites like Chuck, Burn Notice, HIMYM, the Office, House and Fringe. There are only three shows I actually love right now: Homeland, Packs and Rec and Community.  Now, NBC has shelved one of them. Community has by far been the smartest, funniest, most brilliant show on for the last two and a half seasons. Why would they let train-wrecks like Whitney and Up All Night stay on while shelving Community? Up All Night is unwatchable. I tried twice to get through full episodes and found it so utterly banal that I couldn’t continue…this coming from a guy who watches The Office still! I love Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett, and just…couldn’t. As for Whitney…no. Nononononoononoo. No. So seriously NBC…grow a clue. We deserve our #sixseasonsandamovie. Community is the best comedy since Arrested Development, and NBC will look just as ridiculous for canceling it as Fox did. These are the decisions that get networks mocked for decades.
  • The Colts…raise your hand if you want to talk about how they’ve drafted the past six years! (Crickets chirp, then pull out machine guns and go Scarface on this thread). Yeah, me either. We can talk about ANYTHING in the world today but this.
  • Serious question: if the Colts were 3-7 right now, would you feel better or worse about the season? 
  • Orlovsky or Painter? Cyanide or strychnine? Would you rather gouge out your eyes with a spoon or a thumb? Discuss.
  • Still looking for input on a Fort Wayne signing on December 3.
  • Finally, one more Invincible plug. If you don’t care about basketball, you’ll still enjoy the book. I tried to follow the mantra of Angelo Pizzo when writing Hoosiers. He sat at his desk and hung the words “this is not a sports movie” up. Invincible, Indiana is really about culture and a clash of values. Yes, there is basketball, but you’ll enjoy it even if you aren’t a hoops fan.

Have at it.