Updates to Greatest Games/Important Wins

Two 18to88.com Fixtures got a much needed update today.

Generally I update the Fixtures at the end of each season, but last year I was busy writing Blue Blood, so I never had the time.

I added two games to the list of the Greatest Games in Indianapolis Colts History.  Remember, this list isn’t about ‘importance’.  The Super Bowl win over the Bears, for instance, isn’t on that list.  It’s about the quality of the actual game. An important game gets extra credit, but it doesn’t necessarily make the list.  This year, “4th and 2″ and the Miami game from 2009 both made the list. Frankly any game that has a name is going to make a list, right?

The second list, the Most Important Games in Indianapolis Colts History, also got two new additions.  The win over Jacksonville this year made the list because it kept Indy’s playoff hopes alive. The 2009 AFC Championship game also qualified. Also, older games got some new information added to them.  That list is only at 12 games now, so if you have any nominations for games that aren’t on the ‘best games’ list, but qualify as important, let me know.  Let’s work to get that list filled out to 18 games.

Side project: If anyone is interested in looking up Youtube videos or other embeddable media for any of the games on this list, let me know.