Two Radio Shows Today/Roster Cuts (UPDATED with podcast)

I’ll be on with Jersey Johnny at 5:00 today on 93.1 WIBC

For the Iowa crowd, I’ll be back on The Fry SportsRadio Network tonight. The interview will air around 12:05 EST. We’ll be talking about the Colts.


If possible, I’ll post podcasts.

UPDATE: Here’s that second show podcast

This will serve as the cut day open thread.


UPDATE #1: Chick has been waived. Ogbu looks like he might make the practice squad if no one claims him.

UPDATE #2: Tommie Harris may have been cut. That’s disappointing. I thought he looked like he could make an impact on the Dline. It just goes to show you that preseason games mean nothing.

UPDATE #3: Javarris James has been cut. ZERO surprise there.

UPDATE #4: Orlovsky, Taj Smith and Ricardo Matthews are cut

UPDATE #5: JMV reports Spann has made the 53, but will wind up on the practice squad pending a trade. Huge news.

UPDATE #6: JMV says DeVan is out.

UPDATE #7: JMV thinks Evans made the team, but can’t confirm. I wonder if that’s bad news for Brown.  Will they keep four RBs?

UPDATE #8: Kerry Neal and Michael Matthews are gone. Also, Mike Hartline looks like he’s landed with the practice squad. I’ve also seen word that McClendon is gone. By my total, that’s 12 total cuts. Wating on the final 15.