Two Colts Do Well in FO CB Rankings

This would normally be a link, but I think it’s important enough not to miss. 

In one of those rare times where the eyeballs and the stats mesh up, the Colts had two corners fair pretty well in FO cornerback stats.

Justin “Where would we have been without him” Tryon ranked third best in Yards per pass, and Jerraud “When will he finally stay healthy enough to make a Pro Bowl” Powers finished 10th.  Tryon was also strong in success rate and yards after the catch, meaning he did a nice job tackling.

If you had asked 18to88 readers which two CBs played the best, I think most of us would have quickly answered “Powers and Tryon”.

I wrote about the struggles of the Indy secondary last week, and one of the cheif culprits was injury.  Tryon was effective last year and Powers could have had a special season if he had been able to stay on the field.  At this time last year, the Colts looked thin at corner, but now appear flush.  The last minute trade for Tryon was a coup for Polian, and with Hayden, Lacey, and Kevin Thomas coming back, the Colts primary need is at the safety position.  This also shows how fungible corners can be.  It’s never wise to freak out about too few corners.  They are out there to be had.