Tuesday Open Thread: What If?

Here’s your open thread for Tuesday:

  • What if the Colts had gone undefeated in 2009? Obviously it would make this season all the more ironic. But would the Packers run dampen it? The argument at the time was that going undefeated was this impossible task and a once in a generation thing. Funny thing is that there have been 7 teams in NFL history go 13-0. Five of them have done it since 2005. Every two years (2005 Colts, 2007 Patriots, 2009 Colts and Saints, 2011 Packers), a team goes at least 13-0. The argument at the time was that going 19-0 was a ‘forever’ accomplishment that would make you the ‘the greatest team ever’. If the Colts had accomplished it, we’d be in debates right now about whether the 2011 Packers were better. That ‘forever’ accomplishment would have lasted all of two seasons.
  • Best season ever by a quarterback? Pick from:
Yr Co Att C% Yrds TD Int Rat. Sks YPA Sck Yrd ANY
Tom Brady 07 398 578 68.9% 4806 50 8 117.2 21 8.31 128 8.88
Peyton Manning 04 336 497 67.6% 4557 49 10 121.1 13 9.17 101 9.78
Aaron Rodgers 11 305 438 69.6% 4125 39 6 123.3 32 9.42 197 9.44

It doesn’t get much closer than that, so please, let’s not talk about how Rodgers is playing at “an unheard of level”. I’d say we’ve ‘heard’ this level before, and it wasn’t that long ago. Still amazing that Manning did his in 15 games.

  • This is the fourth time since 1984 the Colts have lost their first 12 games of the season. Awesome.

Have at it.